Claire *¨¨*:·..·:*¨¨*:·

purple grass

Want to hear the ocean? Hold a seashell to your ear. Want to hear the wind? Listen to Claire Kenway’s music.  A Montrealer born and raised on the west coast, you might say that Claire’s productions are the musical manifestation of her connection to the Canadian landscape: valleys of bass, coniferous percussive elements that never fade, and dreamy, zephyr-like melodies. Not only can you hear the wind in her productions, you can hear it in her critically acclaimed 2012 sound installation, the Windcatcher, a machine that transforms breeze to beats.

A DJ for over 16 years, Claire has quickly established herself as a key player in the Canadian music community. A techno-lover at heart, her DJ sets span Detroit classicism, breakbeat, and intrepid minimal, pulled together by a unique brand of mixing that has brought her to events and venues like MUTEK, Igloofest, Air Tokyo, the Techno Parade Paris, Bass Coast, Piknic Electronik, and Laïka, where she’s held an on-going residency for the past eight years. A lover of the underground, Claire also launched Blackbox Montreal in 2011, a series of nomadic underground dance parties that has played host to the likes of Akufen, Mike Shannon, DoubtingThomas, Alicia Hush, Frivolous, and Berk Offset.

With a stack of recent work under industry notables like Archipel, Krad Records, Park Recordings, and most recently, her first vinyl release with Spanish imprint Monoclap, as well as upcoming vinyl Eps on Spanish label Monoclap and Moldovian label Conceptual Records, Claire is proving herself to be a true force of nature.