Acousticaquatica is an underwater art experiment dedicated to exploring the relationship between humans, technology, sounds, and fish.  it is intended to provoke contemplation around the subject of how sounds underwater affect fish and other marine life.

This project brings forth a number of fundamental questions: will the fish learn over time to swim to trigger the sounds they like and avoid the ones they don’t like? Will they learn how to trigger silence? Which sounds will they prefer? Do cardinal tetras prefer jazz or techno?

In Acousticaquatica, through interactivity and motion, the school of fish become the conductors of an orchestra of natural and human sounds. Through movement they function simultaneously as both creators and listeners. In this way the work can be thought of as a sort of living sonic sculpture.

This work was commissioned + showcased by Galerie Les Territoires in Montreal from January 17-February 23, 2013.  It was produced in collaboration with programmer Aurelien Monsarrat and biologist Chris Evidge.