This installation was created in collaboration with the following artists and artisans.  Without them this work would not be possible, as their expertise in wood and metal working, electronics circuitry and programming permitted a higher conceptual level of creative output.

JacquesJacques Gallant Besides having extensive skills in welding, mechanical design, and interactive installations, Jacques is connected to community organizations, giving him access to a wealth of recycled re-usable materials and resources. For Windcatcher, he acted as a consultant and a builder, assisting in selection of materials and structures for the wind turbine and chimes, and also with mechanical design, electrical design, building, welding, and transport.

Michel Gallant is a maker who specialises in repurposing old technology. As his name suggests, he is Jacques Gallant’s brother, also hailing from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, though he has been a Montrealer since 2007. Michel is a co-founder of Foulab, a non-profit organization that promotes collaborative workshops to increase understanding of technological platforms like Arduino, MAX MSP, PureData, and anything integrating electronics and computers for a practical or creative purpose. For Windcatcher, Michel worked on Arduino coding and also on building a circuit to cap and convert the voltage generated by the wind turbine within a useable range by the Arduino (0-5 Volts).

Christian Miron

Christian Miron is a specialist in unconventional woodworking and robust installation design. He also has also a strong musical background, having performed for MUTEK, Oral, and DJ Orchestra.  His woodworking is intricate and detailed; he has worked on Internationally acclaimed projects like building a modular version of The User’s Ondulation (2006) for Théatre Châtelet in Paris and modules for the VIA project by Massimo Guerrera, Corine Lemieux, and Sylvie Cotton (2007).   As a solo artist he has exhibited at Galerie Clark, L’Atelier Punkt, Foufounes Électriques, and his work ‘Urbaneau’ was part of public art project OneDrop in the Quartier des Spectacles (June-Sept 2011).  For Windcatcher, Christian helped design and build the Aeolian Harp, assisting with selection of materials and working collaboratively at Atelier Clark to construct solar panel boxes, speaker housings, and Aeolian Harp.


Aurelien Monsarrat is first and foremost a visual artist—a painter, but has since 2011 has been extending his creative senses to programming via MAX MSP and Jitter, where he has worked alongside artists like Bill Vorn, Alexandre Beausoleil, and Harold Klunder. For Windcatcher Aurelien built the MAX MSP Drum machine that enables the electrical energy generated by the turbine to play music depending on how the wind blows.